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By: NUTRITEX (Food Supplements)  28/03/2013
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SLIMTEX OPTIMUM is a 100% natural food supplement with a highly effective formula for weight loss and fat removal. His formulation contains powerful ingredients which have properties so varied eat: burners of fat, controller of appetite, helps for the metabolism, and effective natural helps for the control of weight, which do of Slimtex a safe Formula, effective and tested to help to the loss of weight and elimination of fat.The exclusive Formula and highly effective of Slimtex works helping to the Metabolism and to the System Glandular to work more efficient and can metabolize fats and sugars in the body. Some of the ingredients in Slimtex are known like debuggers, which help to detoxify and stir up toxins of the body (the extra fat can be considered a toxin). When nourishing and support the good operation of some important organs for the good digestion as they are the pancreas, thyroid and liver, as well as also nourish the important organs for the elimination of toxins as they are the kidneys, sweat glands and colon, Slimtex gives the perfect balance to support the good Digestion and Elimination of Fats.Between his main functions, Slimtex helps to control the problems of weight, diminishes the levels of fat, deleting the fat by means of the processes of lipolysis and thermogenesis, and controls the anxiety and the hunger. Combat constipation and the irritable bowel, improves the cardiovascular health and regulates the intestinal movement, diminishes the symptoms of the menopause, regulates the dream, is essential for the growth and the development, contains vitamins and microelements that take part in the cellular nutrition, as well as it helps to regulate the levels of cholesterol, triglycerides and sugar.

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