Java Fundamentals Training Course

By: NobleProg (UK) Limited  24/03/2011
Keywords: computer training, IT consultancy, computer education

The Java Technology Phenomenon

How to write basic "hello world" application

How to compile and execute Java code

How to make the code a bit more complex

Object-Oriented Programming Concepts

Variables, arrays, data types, operators, and control flow

What are reference variables

Classes and objects

What inheritance is and how it works

What Interfaces are, why they are written and how

How to use Java String and Number objects and how to format data for output

What packages are for and why we must use import directive

Java classes overview

Java class life cycle

Class modifiers and inheritance

Overloading" and overriding

Class constructors


Relationships: IS and HAS

'static' keyword

When to use static members

Collection interface

Lists, maps and sets

Collections and arrays


Garbage collector

Heap and stack

Object life cycle

'finalize()' method

The general idea of Java Exceptions

Runtime and 'real' exceptions

Throwing an exception

'try...catch' statements

'throws' declaration

Designing your own exceptions

Threads and concurrency

Threaded tasks

Joining threads

Class variables visibility

Keywords: computer education, computer training, IT consultancy, it consultants, it training

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