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By: Network IP CCTV  02/05/2009
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BiKal EyeScope is a multi-platform plug n play surveillance system which meets almost all the needs of users who want remote access to liveCCTV on mobile phones. EyeScope allows a user to view and record live video from up to 4 USB webcams or most popular IP cameras as well as viewing recorded video all from the mobile handset regardless if you are using a 3G or GPRS mobile network.

The best thing is the software is all plug n play requiring no complicated network setup, ip address or port settings on your router. The mobile phone CCTV software comes in two parts.

1) The first part of the software is the transmitting software for your PC. Install on as many PC's as you like to build a CCTV network. Works on Mac & Windows PC's.

2) Install the software on your 3G mobile phone. Works on GPRS mobile phones too. The software is designed to work on almost all mobile phones

Mobile Phone CCTV on Blackberry phones
Mobile Phone CCTV on iPhone's
Mobile Phone CCTV on Windows phones
Mobile Phone CCTV on Symbian phones
Mobile Phone CCTV on Java phones
Mobile Phone CCTV on Palm phones
Mobile Phone CCTV on Andorid Phones

The Mobile CCTV software available for purchase at  View their price and the mobile phone cctv software here. is compatible with most USB webcams as a number of popular IP cameras from manufacturers such as:

Airlink 101
A-Linking AL9603, AL9643, AL9663
Allnet 2240
Arecont Av1300, Av2100, Av3100, Av3130, Av5100
AVerMedia NC100 IP Camera
Aviosys B, B-RS,
IP Kamera, Ip kamera 9000, Ip kamera 9000A, Ip kamera 9060, Ip server 9100, Ip server 9100A+, Ip server B, Ip server B-RS, Ip server RK, RK
Axis 205, 206, 206M, 206W, 207, 207W, 210, 2100, 210A, 211, 2110, 212, 2120, 213, 2130, 214, 216, 221, 225, 231, 232, 232D, 2400 channel 1, 2400 channel 2, 2400 channel 3, 2400 channel 4, 2400/2400+, 2400/2400+ (camera 1), 2400/2400+ (camera 2), 2400/2400+ (camera 3), 2400/2400+ (camera 4), 2401, 240Q, 240Q (camera 1), 240Q (camera 2), 240Q (camera 3), 240Q (camera 4), 2411, 241Q, 241Q (camera 1), 241Q (camera 2), 241Q (camera 3), 241Q (camera 4), 241QA, 241QA (camera 1), 241QA (camera 2), 241QA (camera 3), 241QA (camera 4), 241S, 241SA, 2420, 2420IR, Axis, Camera, Multi camera 241s (guad), Multi camera 241s channel 1, Multi camera 241s channel 2, Multi camera 241s channel 3, Multi camera 241s channel 4, PTZ Camera, Server, Server 241q
Bosch NWC-0455-10P
Canon Network camera, VB-C50i, VB-C50iR
Convovision v600
Creative Britecam, Live wireless
DigiLan TV7204
D-link Dcs-6620, Internet camera, Server dvs-104 chanel 3, Server dvs-104 chanel 4, Server dvs-104 channel 1, Server dvs-104 channel 2
Elmo PTC-200, PTC-200 Series, PTC-400, PTC-400 Series
Eltis ET-1001 IP Camera
Flexwatch Flexwatch
Gadspot Gs 1000, Gs 1200, Gs 1200g, Gs 1600, Gs 800, Gs 9603, Gs 9684, NC1000, NC1600, NC1600 IP Camera Genius Ipcam secure 300
Grand IP Camera II, Ip video server Grandtec Ip camera
Hawking HNC300, HNC320W, Nc 1000, Nc 1200, Nc 1600, Nc 300, Nc 800, Nc 9603, Nc 9684, NC200, NC220W, NC300, NC320W, NC9684
Hunt LAN Camera
I-catcher Icc, Ics, icv ICV Video server
INTELLINET 550710 Iqeye 300, 501, 600 I-watcher ic, ip, pt series
JVC Network Camera
Kingwave kw3715, kw3716 Kw 316 ccd, 3701, 3702 cmos, 3715, 3720 1 port video server
Lenovo 1001 IP Camera
LevelOne FCS-1010, wcs-2060
Levo ET-1001 IP Camera
LINDY IP NetCam Link Server CAS 200/200W, Server cas 501
Linksys Wvc200, WVC54GCA
LogiLink WC0001, WC0002
Lumenera le 175, le 275
MOBI Internet Camera Mobil internet camera, mobicam
Mobotix m10, m22 NC 1000-L10, 800 IP Camera, W10
Orite ip-cam
Panasonic 331, 371, 381, Bb-hcm 311, bl, BL-C10A, BL-C30A, c1, c10, c20, c30, ddn-cam1, kx-hcm280, network camera, WV, WV-NM100, wv-np1000, WV-NP240, WV-NP244, WV-NP472
Pheenet 210ir, 310pt
Pixord Video Server, Video server channel 1
Planet Ica 300, ica 500, Ica-100, ICA-100PE, ICA-100W, Ica-110, Ica-150, ICA-300, ICA-500, Ivs-100
Sitecom ln-400, ln-400 or ln-401, ln-401
Soho Internet camera
Solwise SEC-MJCAS-210IR
Sony Network camera, snc-c10, snc-c11, snc-df40, snc-m1, snc-m3, snc-p1, snc-p5, snc-rz20n, snc-rz25n, snc-rz30n
Stardot Express 6 Server, Netcam
Swann Max-IP-Cam Sweex IP Network Camera
Toshiba 15a, ik-wb01a, ik-wb02a, ik-wb11a, IK-WB15A, ik-wb21a, ik-wr01, IK-WR01A, Network camera Trendnet TV-IP10, tv-ip100, TV-IP100W, tv-ip200, tv-ip201, tv-ip400
Trust nw-7100, Surveillance Camera
Vcenter nc 1000 VCS VIP 10
Vivotek 2000 series, 3000 series, 6000 series, IZ7151, Video Server, video server channel 1 Wlan
Robotcam camera
Xannet XIPCAM-1001 IP CameraAic 250 network camera, Aic AP650 PTZ, AIC250, AIC250 Network Camera

For more information about viewing live CCTV on your 3G mobile phone, see

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