Happy Aphrodite

By: Nature's Recipe  10/05/2011
Keywords: Dry Skin, eczema cream, Natural Thrush Treatment

 Happy Aphrodite Formula can help to combat itching and discomfort naturally with it's specially selected ingredients - including organic goat's milk to balance pH levels, emu oil for healing and reducing inflammation and tea tree oil to combat any infection that may be present - in an easy to apply, non staining, emollient base.   Feminine itching can drive any woman mad. The causes of vulvo-vaginal itching can be anything from wearing tight clothing, to a vaginal infection, for example:- Wearing tight clothing – such as tights, thong underwear, too tight underwear Wearing synthetic materials against the skin Excess perspiration During your period, wearing pads or pantiliners,  Allergic reactions to soaps, detergents, spermicides, condoms & deodorants Vaginal or vulvar dryness (often experienced during menopause) Sexual activity Dermatological causes like eczema and psoriasis Happy Aphrodite helps soothe itching without resorting to the use of strange chemicals and steroids and can be applied liberally and frequently to the outer vaginal areas. Sometimes itching is caused by infection, either bacterial or fungal. For a proper diagnosis a visit to your doctor is recommended. Wearing looser fitting clothing and cotton underwear will help alleviate itching and promote recovery.  

Keywords: Dry Skin, eczema cream, Feminine Itching, Natural Thrush Treatment, Organic Thrush Treatment,

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