Certified Organic Chlorella

Certified Organic Chlorella from Nature Complete

By: Nature Complete  16/12/2010
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Chlorella is a green single-celled freshwater alga. Chlorella is the nature’s richest plant source of chlorophyll, DNA, RNA and contains essential vitamins. It has a unique Chlorella Growth Factor (CGF), which may help repair damaged tissue and heal wounds. Chlorophyll is thought to help detoxify our bodies.

●No binders or fillers    
● No preservatives
● No additives
● 100% pure natural

Nature Complete Chlorella was the first that ever certified.Organic produce is simply healthier, richer in nutrients and tastes so much better. Going organic is the safest way to avoid eating genetically modified (GM) food.The entire Nature Complete range is produced at a certified manufacturer that meets the standards of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP), International Organization for Standardization 9001:2000, Halal Product, Star-K Kosher, and Quality System.

Suitable for everyone, including children, vegans, pregnant and nursing mothers. 

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