Specialists in Facial Rejuvenation : new method FACSS Facial Aesthetics

Specialists in Facial Rejuvenation : new method FACSS Facial Aesthetics from MY FACE CLINIC

By: MY FACE CLINIC  28/09/2009
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Oursurgical teamhasendeavored tocreate a whole new range of non-invasive medical andsurgical procedures whichprovide patients with an extremely naturalalbeit spectacular rejuvenationeffect.

Thiswhole new approach to facialrejuvenation is the consequence ofextensive clinical research which has led toa better understandingof the aging process.

Accordingly,our team has developednew, more effective methods using leading edgetechnology for a moreconservative andmore naturalapproachto facial rejuvenation.

Morespecifically, a totally new method using a patented medical device called« FACSS® » is,nowavailable atMyfaceclinic.

Thismethod, known as« FacialContouring and Support System »restoresyouthful facial structure throughrepositioning of deep facial fatpads andtighteningof key anatomical structuressuchas the lower lids or the brow.

This improves tear troughs andbaggy eyes, enhances cheekbones,clears nasolabial folds and marionette lines.

Duringyour consultation with one ofour surgeons a precise assessment offacial aging will be established and anappropriate treatment plansuggested, calling for one or several of a variety ofmethodsprovided atMyfaceclinic.

Weare interested in you as anindividual and rely on your cooperationin order to determine which treatementbest suits your personality:we can achieve spectacular results, but you mayprefer something moresubtle....

Followingthe initial clinicalassessment you will be shown a grid includingall FACSS procedures, whethersurgical or non-surgical. 

Using this grid, theappropriatemethod or combination of methods will be singled out by thesurgeon for your approval.

Suchcombinations represent what weat Myfaceclinic call: « FACSS »

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