SmartLipo in Poland from GPP 420!

SmartLipo in Poland from GPP 420! from MTA Poland

By: MTA Poland  13/08/2009
Keywords: surgery, liposuction, Poland

SmartLipo is the safest and the least invasive method of laser liposuction performed under a local anaesthestic. The procedure helps to shape and contour the body as well as get rid of the cellulite. It removes skin imperfections and leaves no visible marks. The procedure does not require further hospitalization and even the next day after undergoing SmartLipo you can go back to your country. 


SmartLipo prices:

Chin: from GPP 420

Arms: from GPP 580

Hips: from GPP 700

Stomach: from GPP 800


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Keywords: liposuction, Poland, surgery