Knee and hip replacement from GPP 5500!

Knee and hip replacement from GPP 5500! from MTA Poland

By: MTA Poland  13/08/2009
Keywords: surgery, hip replacement, knee replacement


In the UK knee or hip replacement surgery costs at least GPP 8000 and patients have to wait almost a year for the operation to be performed.


We invite you to Poland, where the waiting period is reduced maximum to 2 weeks, and the whole amount for the treatment and hospitalization is not higher than GPP 6000. The long-standing experience of our specialists is officially certified.


     Our prices:

Hip replacement GPP 5500

Knee replacement GPP 5500

Waiting period in Poland amounts to 2 weeks, and how much is it in the UK? Almost a year!


MTA Poland invites you on a medical trip to Poland. We will contact you with our best specialists and you do not need to worry about anything. The question of papers and linguistic support leave to us. More information on our website:

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or call now +48222131610


Keywords: hip replacement, knee replacement, surgery