FOR CRYING OUT LOUD from Moorfields Private

By: Moorfields Private  25/02/2011
Keywords: eye hospital, Laser Eye Surgery in London

Consultant Mr Jimmy Uddin featured in Jo Brand’s quest to understand crying in a BBC4 documentary last night. In ‘For Crying Out Loud’ Jo explained why she finds it hard to cry and finds the current phenomenon for celebrity tears distasteful.

Appalled by outbursts of crying in public, Jo wanted to know why we cry, who cries, whether this is a relatively new habit we’ve cultivated over the last decade and if crying is actually good for you. As part of her mission to understand why and how people cry, Jo visited ‘tear expert’ Mr Uddin, who examined Jo’s eyes and explained the process of how the eye’s tear ducts work.

Mr Uddin’s area of expertise includes dry eye, watery eye and the lacrimal - almond shaped glands in each eye that secrete tears which then flow into canals leading to the lacriminal sac. From this sac, tears drain through a passage into the nose.

Mr Uddin pronounced Jo’s tear ducts to be in good working order, however as a lifelong reluctant weeper Jo didn’t manage to cry on cue - despite joining a class of emotional drama students, meeting professional cry-babies and opening up to formidable psychotherapist, Susie Orbach.

Keywords: eye hospital, Laser Eye Surgery in London