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Hair care from Miopelo

By: Miopelo  15/11/2013

Mio Pelo is healthy virgin hair that has never been chemically treated or processed in any way (the hair has been sourced directly i.e curly hair grown from a curly source) and as such is much better suited to colouring and perming if necessary. Mio Pelo is cuticle hair, collected on the ponytail, and sold as such. Therefore the direction of the hair is respected, and as a result the hair does not tangle or shed at all. It comes in natural colours from black to medium brown. These colours can be dyed to lighter shades, just as you would colour any hair. Mio Pelo virgin hair is noticeably softer, naturally wavier, much more meticulously maintained, healthier looking than the typical Asian/Indian hair currently flooding the markets. It is excellent for people from all ancestry – Caucasian, Chinese, African – as it looks very natural, yet manageable. The quality of the hand wefted hair enables the client to reuse the hair over a period of 2 to 3 years, which is why we offer a 1 year guarantee for all our hair (subject to correct usage and terms).