MAVERLINN is a leading Corporate Finance Advisory Powerhouse

MAVERLINN is a leading Corporate Finance Advisory Powerhouse from MAVERLINN

By: MAVERLINN  28/08/2009
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 Whether advising on a multi-billion Euro LBO or a €50 million divestiture, Maverlinn brings superior innovation, expertise and execution capabilities to its clients around the world. A longstanding history of independent advice. Maverlinn partners advised clients on many industry-defining transactions. They have a longstanding history of providing independent advice to selected industry sectors such as transportation, leisure & entertainment or technology.

Unlike most of our competitors, we are not listed on a stock market and we have no intention to become a public company. We think of it as a strong statement of independence from short term economics and stock market pressures. We have made a reputation, on providing innovative solutions and completing even the most complex transactions solutions. Our skills are based on decades of experience with a commitment to providing clients with challenging, rigorous and creative advice. Clients come to us for trusted advice they know we can deliver. This also means that we may, from time to time, say "no" to a deal, if it's wrong for the client or conflicting with other assignments.

Growing a distinctive corporate culture.

Maverlinn is committed to growing a distinctive corporate culture which always place business ethics and client's interest first. These values are reflected in our business philosophy which emphasizes integrity, commitment to performance and teamwork. Maverlinn prides itself on its capacity to execute timelessly and successfully a winning business strategy that results in the delivery of outstanding results to its clients. Our strategy to attract new clients in based on our capacity to please our existing clients, focus on our core business and strengthen our expertise on even more complicated transactions.

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