Accent Softening and English Pronunciation Courses

By: London Speech Workshop  08/09/2010
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  • Seven Week Accent Softening Course (Over 17 hours)
  • Three Day Intensive Accent Softening Course (18 hours)
  • Two hour catch up workshops (for previous students)


In our Seven Week Accent Softening course you will learn to recognize, pronounce and differentiate all the vowels and consonants of spoken English.

You will learn the important differences between long and short vowels and voiced and voiceless consonants. You will learn about word and sentence stress, rhythm and intonation, and how to go about recreating the melody of spoken English for yourself. Our courses emphasize the importance of clear articulation, and how to use pauses and emphasis to improve communication.

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Our Intensive course offers the full course in three days. You will learn every English sound,  and come out with increased communication and listening skills. At the end of the three days you will have a clear understanding of your accent difficulties, and a comprehensive package of worksheets and handouts targeted to your specific areas of weakness.

This is ideal for those who have time constraints or live outside London, or individuals who are highly motivated and want to pinpoint their weak spots to continue their studies solo. For self motivated individuals, the intensive course is an excellent way to learn the rules of perfect English pronunciation in a short amount of time.

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We have recently introduced two hour workshops which are open to any of our previous students. These will be a way of revisiting troublesome sounds, refocusing on specific accent needs and remembering key pronunciation points.

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