Hypnotherapy Stress Management

Hypnotherapy Stress Management from London Hypnotherapy

By: London Hypnotherapy  06/10/2010
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            The decision to seek help is the first step. When you come to see me the rest is easy.

  • -Stress is your internal perception andinterpretation of a threat.
  • -You experience stress because of fears, or beliefs that state "I should have" or you mentally exacerbate the problem to catastrophic proportions.
  • -You are exposed to stimuli that tax your physical, mental or emotional capabilities beyond their limits
  • -You either inherited it or it was programmed
  • -Stress is you body thinking it is under attack - it responds by going into "fight or flight" mode
  • -The challenge we must all meet is a forecast doubling in pace of change over the next five years.
  • -Last year illness cost British business an estimated £8 billion. 60% to 65% of that was emotionally based [stress].
  • -"By the year 2004 stress will be the western world's number one cause of premature death" (World Health Organisation).

                                           HOW I CAN HELP YOU

  • -Reduce or eliminate the stress effect
  • -Incorporate new physical and mental responses
  • -Programme an imaginary shield around you to protect you from pressure and stress in the future
  • -Help you understand your physiological body and mind type and give you specific advice to maintain a healthy body and mind

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