Hypnotherapy Health Problems

Hypnotherapy Health Problems from London Hypnotherapy

By: London Hypnotherapy  06/10/2010
Keywords: hypnotherapy, NLP, Stress Counselling

Stress is a powerful negative factor in your life it can cause a collapse of your body's defences which, in turn, can cause a breakdown in your resistance to illness, disease, chronic conditions or mental disorders.

                                              HOW I CAN HELP YOU

Hypnosis can help with the two major factors in health problems.

1.Reduce the fear and anxiety associated with your problem, eradicate, change or alter the pain to a more appropriate level.
2. Next hypnosis can be used to aid healing, recovery and to maintain health.

Total health consists of many elements. If you have a specific health problem please inform your doctor that you will be using hypnosis.


  •           - Fear removed, you are more at ease and do not exacerbate the problem
  •           - Visualisation can be used to aid recovery and speed up the healing process.
  •           - Boosting your immune system and increasing antibodies has been proven with hypnosis.
  •             (Walker 1993)

Keywords: hypnotherapist, hypnotherapy, hypnotist, NLP, Stress Counselling