Hypnotherapy Anxiety attacks

Hypnotherapy Anxiety attacks from London Hypnotherapy

By: London Hypnotherapy  06/10/2010
Keywords: hypnotherapy, personal development, Depression Counselling

               The decision to seek help is the first step. When you come to see me the rest is easy.

  • -You make unrealistic statements that keep you in alarm
  • -You begin to fear the fear itself
  • -You reject you own feelings and try to fight them
  • -You avoid situations or people that evoke the feelings
  • -You find coping strategies that you believe help you

                                                            HOW I CAN HELP YOU

Adrenaline is metabolised in less than 3 minutes. This means that its effects can go away just as quickly as they came on.

When you come to see me I will help you to relax, accept the feelings and symptoms of panic and replace beliefs with new responses. You will be able to control the feelings instead of intensifying them. Finally, we remove future predictions that you find yourself making about your panic symptoms. Allowing you to feel comfortable with the stimulus that was a problem in the past.

                                                   To summarise, here's what you get:

  • -No longer have anxiety about those particular stimuli.
  • -Accept feelings of the past.
  • -Be comfortable when given the stimuli that bothered you in the past and be comfortable about it in the future.
  • -Be more positive, stronger, more self-assured.
  • -Programme an imaginary shield around you to protect you from pressure and stress in the future.

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