Impressions and Comments by students, participants, audiences

By: London College of Eurythmy  09/10/2010
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Impressions and Comments

on Eurythmy and our Courses

from students, course participants
and members of the audience


“Eurythmy is so different from all other arts of movement, it is what music and speech would look like if you could see what you hear.”

“Even artistic eurythmy without specific therapeutic intention has an incredibly harmonizing effect.”

“The first time I saw eurythmy I didn’t know what it was supposed to represent but I was aware of a great beauty of movement and colour with dresses and veils designed to become a visual echo of the movement created.”

“Watching eurythmy gives me an active experience from which I become enlivened.”

“It has been a delight to discover eurythmy, a form of anthroposophy which uplifts, enlivens and refreshes body, soul and spirit. Thank you!”

 “The class has given us great insight into how very difficult simplicity can be, how full of effort is the appearance of effortlessness and how demanding is the level of consciousness required for eurythmy. I can scarcely believe that I once thought eurythmy looked quite easy!
Hajo’s ready wit (‘No, the other left arm’) has undoubtedly been a major contribution to the enjoyment and success of the class. The playful and humorous, even hilarious, element, keeps us from despairing as we attempt to master a new form together, or to do the right thing with those copper rods… ”

“In my training I am not only gaining amazing insights into music, poetry and language by moving them. But also into nature, human nature, the cosmos and myself. Thank you to all the teachers for taking me on this journey!”

 “We went on a trip to Holland with the college and watched a whole Beethoven Symphony with a full orchestra, performed in Eurythmy. Dozens of eurythmists on the stage, their movements and amazing costumes matching the beauty of the music. Breathtaking, you could really SEE the music! I have never seen anything like it before or since!”

“When we manage to complete a form together correctly, we have an uplifting experience of artistic and aesthetic satisfaction which is rare in many of our lives.”

“Eurythmy for me was the cross point of all my life's skills rolled into one, bringing past, present and future all to the same point of encounter in time and moving forward together. It is also the light that has pulled me through the darkest, most painful and dangerous years of my life. And I am also hoping that it becomes the golden light that leads me into my new life!”

“I love music, language, movement, sculpture, colour and working in a group. In eurythmy I can incorporate all of these in one art form!”

 “I started my eurythmy training when in my forties after having my family. It is great to have an art of movement that you can become proficient at even when older.”

 “ ... the movement is never arbitrary or empty, but always has meaning. It lies in the nature of eurythmy that it is always alive and never mechanical or routine. That keeps me alive inside, too.

 “Discovering eurythmy was like coming home from a long journey. Everything fell into place.”

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