Recycling facts and statistics for London

By: London Best Removals Ltd  28/04/2015
Keywords: Recycling, waste collection, rubbish removal

We all know that recycling is one of the Best ways to save our planet but did you know that in 2011 residents of London saved £30mln by recycling? We could save even more, over £60mln each year if everyone would recycling everything we can. Each tonne of recyclable materials like cans, paper or glass costs your council on average £100 just to collect it and process it. This recycled material works its way back into manufacturing to be used again and again and so on. At same time getting rid of rubbish cost around £130 per tonne. New EU directives mean that London boroughs will be fined if they fail to meet required targets. Irresponsible throwing things away will cost us all more both financially and ecologically. Only last year London sent 1m tonnes of household waste to landfill which just show a massive potential savings that could be made if this waste and rubbish was recycled. Recycling is the Best option for our planet and our pockets which will be obvious once everyone realise these simple facts. Don’t forget that London Best Removals cares for environment and help saving public money by recycling all rubbish and waste collected from each customer.We are here to help you with rubbish the Best way we can to keep you happy and our planet clean.

Keywords: Recycling, rubbish removal, waste collection

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