PETRO PIPE Hydrocarbons polluted water filter

PETRO PIPE Hydrocarbons polluted water  filter from LIWIPO

By: LIWIPO  23/04/2012
Keywords: oil, farming, water

PURPOSE The Petro-PIPE® is a patented filtration system indispensable to filter oil polluted water, sized for flow rates of medium importance in civil engineering applications (concrete pits, compressors, generators ...). It must be changed every 3 years. DESIGN Thanks to its active component, it allows rainwater to percolate through whilst retaining hydrocarbons present thus preventing the tanks from becoming real pool. In a major oil spill , the active product solidifies immediately avoiding any polluting discharge. In all tests carried out the filters discharged water with less than 1 ppm of hydrocarbons concentration  INSTALLATION AND MAINTENANCE Screwed in via its male or female end fittings in 2, 4, or 6” with a 25 ° angle to your drain valve. An external cage PFB filled with silk fibres must be fitted at the entrance to limit the risk of blockage by debris (silt, leaves, etc). These silk fibres should be replaced regularly to maintain the efficiency of the Petro-PIPE®. Several Petro-PIPE ® can be connected in parallel if higher flow rates. For more than 60 liters / min flows, using a Petro-Barrier™ is recommended. Once used, the filter should be treated as waste hydrocarbon standard. The Petro-PIPE ® is also available as ready to be sealed in concrete. A special composition for dielectric oils is available, under the label FILTRELEC®

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