MABO automatic fire extinguisher fuse

MABO automatic fire extinguisher fuse from LIWIPO

By: LIWIPO  23/04/2012
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MABO is designed as fuse with an exceptional extinguishing efficiency and contains innovative chemical solution in a small resin bottle of only 500 ml (class of fires A & B). When it reaches 84°C, the capsule explodes, without any human intervention. It puts out the fire immediately and create a fire retarding effect to prevent the reignition of the combustibles. The instalation of MABO is easy and does not require skills and formal training and therefore can be used by anyone in any environment. It allows to escape the immediate danger of smoke inhalation, fire and potential death. Harmless for people and environment, fully biodegradable and free of residue. Maintenance free. Two fire extinguishing ways: - As the temperature rises, the Mabo solution starts to dissolve and generates gas within the ampoule. Mabo activates when the built up pressure and temperature of Mabo solution within the ampoule reach a certain point (Generaly 1 minutes 84°C). The ampoule ruptures and the Mabo solution is dispersed over the burning surface. - By throwing grenade: just take and throw fire buster in the burning object directly, or against a wall or anything that would enable the solution to disperse, covering the burning area to the widest possible extent It is the action time between detection and action against the fire which scales the severity of the disaster. Indeed, professionals firefighters believe that if, from the first minute you need a glass of water to extinguish fire, after the 2nd minute, a bucket of water can still stop the fire, but the third minutes only an intervention by professionals can overcome the fire but consuming hundreds of gallons of water.

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