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WHICH BROADBAND IS RIGHT FOR YOU Which broadband is right for you will depend on a number of factors. One of the first questions to answer is simply what is available in your area. There are basically three main forms of fast internet access with variations on each. These are DSL which uses your phone lines, cable modem, which uses your cable TV vendor, and wireless broadband, which typically uses a cellular phone provider. There was a time, not so long ago, when your choice may have been limited to one of these choices, but in most areas, all three will be available, but you will still need to check with your cable provider, your phone company, and your cellular providers to see what they offer and the varying costs. The next consideration is what you are going to use it for. Which broadband is right for you will depend on how you will use it. Is this a business line, or just casual internet surfing? Are you going to upload or download large files? These are all factors to consider. Once you have the answers to all these questions you are ready to narrow down your choice. DSL comes over your phone line. It is typically available in several different speeds at corresponding prices. If you just get email and do occasional surfing, then the slowest speed you can get will suffice. If this is a business or you need to download or upload a lot of large files, you will need more bandwidth and with that a higher price. Cable broadband comes through your cable company or satellite TV provider. This is usually at a set price, but lately more cable companies are offering different speeds just like the DSL companies so the same questions apply. Frequently cable internet access will have a different speed for downloads than uploads, so if are going to upload large files, this is a consideration. Finally, wireless broadband uses a connection similar to a cell phone call. This is a great choice for people that work in a variety of locations and use a laptop. The downside is that the connection is dependent on getting a good connection and the speed can vary widely from place to place. The question of which broadband is right for you can be a simple question to answer, but first there are other questions that need answering. Once you understand when and where you are going to use the connection and what the connection will be used for, you are in a better position to choose the right provider.

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