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By: Limonbay Piercing online  11/09/2012
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The body piercing artist during the actual piercing : He uses professionnal and sterilized tools. He wears single use gloves and works under severe health and saftey regulations. Always check well the experience of your body piercing artist before you entrust him with a delicate part of your amazing body... On your side : Always wash your hands carefully with a soap, preferably ph neutral, any time you touch your labret piercing or your jewellery. Regularly clean your jewellery by soaking it in a salty water bath. Don't hesitate to repat this as many times as necessary. Cleanse your piercing hole with lukewarm water and ph neutral soap. Use a kleenex or a cotton bud, tapping it, to dry your skin and your jewellery. Avoid tissus and materials made of cotton fibres as they carry impurities. After eating, make sure no ailments has stayed stuck around your labret. To get advice on how to behave during the healing phase, see the corresponding section on the left menu.

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