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By: Kim Pearson Nutritionist  05/01/2009
Keywords: weight loss, lose weight, Diabetes

Do any of these common health complaints sound familiar?

Flucuating weight * Low energy levels * Digestive complaints * Hormonal imbalances such as PMT * Stress * Poor skin health

Or maybe you have more serious health concerns such as diabetes, a thyroid condition, high blood pressure/choleserol?

In all of these instances, and many more, the correct nutrition can be highly effective in addressing your health complaints and restoring optimal health.

A nutrition consultation focuses on achieving your health goals, in a practical, realistic fashion. Whether you have a specific condition or illness you wish to address, or are looking to maximise your health and performance, nutrition is key in achieving results.  

How does it work?
Prior to having a nutrition consultation you will be asked to fill out a comprehensive questionnaire detailing various aspects of your health, diet and lifestyle. This will be reviewed with you in your consultation, where you will work with Kim to determine your health goals. A programme will be designed for you, tailored to achieve your aims and to suit your lifestyle. Combining food recommendations and supplementation – Kim aims to improve achieve results through addressing underlying causes, rather than just suppressing symptoms.

Keywords: Diabetes, Fat Loss, lose weight, skin health, thyroid, weight loss

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