By: KASALUX UK  02/12/2010
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Dear Agent

Societies currently live in a state of great austerity, and it is this view that the advertising becomes increasingly necessary; however, it reaches values increasingly expensive.

For example, refer to some websites, although they are technically qualified, they become extremely costly to the extent that their source of income through the payment to "click" for each property listing for a limited time.

In this sense, comes an innovative network, whose main objectives are:

  1. Positioning itself as an international network, whose exchange properties of all the agents integrated into the network, quickly gain potential customers;
  2. Encourage the sharing and referral business between real estate agents, INTERNATIONALLY, without the need for it to belong to real estate franchise networks;
  3. To have a brand name, that is quickly and easily assimilated by the public.
  4. To preserve the independence of real estate agents, with no obligation to extra payments, whether to use the brand, equipment, royalties or to report every business done to others, than the State.
  5. To dignify this profession, help changing some countries regulations, which real estate transactions, suppose to be solely done, trough a duly licensed real estate agency, avoiding unfair competition from a non licensed individuals.
  6. To be an exclusive network for real estate agents

After the explanation of its goals, and for those wanting to choose of a very rewarding career in the future, Real Estate, it can be easily started if:

• Use the KASALUX PORTAL in a independently way.

• Belonging to the real estate world quickly and effectively;

• Engage in education and professional and personal development;

• Brand Usage.

In parallel, we believe that housing activity may also have a key role as regards the support of the needy. In this context, the International KASALUX.COM ® through their national structures, will contribute 10% of the generated revenue, to support the Private Institutions of Social Solidarity of the respective country.

Thus, considering that the information provided has contributed to raising awareness succinctly what purports to be the KASALUX.COM ® International, we hope that with the same, you feel motivated to join with total confidence, in order to interact with all Associates International, wishing you all success and ensuring continuous support.

In conclusion, encouraging you to realize the ambition of owning your own business, expand the existing one, or to improve your financial and professional position, it is certainly a starting point, and so we address you this invitation 

Kasalux by Agimoura®

Keywords: Real Estate Network, renting property, selling property