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By: Julia Bueno UKCP reg Psychotherapist  02/12/2010
Keywords: Counselling, anxiety, depression

This aims to give only a sketch of how counselling or psychotherapy with me may be like - what either process "is" and what it "does" often provokes a few questions. I don't distinguish between the two types of work unless I'm pushed to. Some feel counselling refers to shorter-term goal-oriented work while psychotherapy refers to longer-term work that explores issues at greater depth. I tend to call either "therapy".

When you make contact (email, text, 'phone), we may decide to meet. I hope that this initial meeting (of 50 minutes) would allow you to talk freely about what brought you to me, along with any expectations and anxieties you might have about the process, or me. We would also explore any goals you may wish to achieve. In turn, I would explain my policy on confidentiality, fees, cancellations and appointment times.

If we agree to work together, we may then work out for how long - it may be just a few sessions or on an open-ended basis, depending on what feels right for you. It sometimes helps to work out a time-frame together from the outset, but nothing is set in stone, and we can always review how things are as they unfold.

I don't expect you to lie down on a couch (although you are welcome to), nor do I sit in silence. I hope to be in dialogue with you, and I encourage any material that may be useful for you to bring to the sessions too - drawings, dreams, journals, poems or music included.

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