Video Game graphics & VFX development

Video Game graphics & VFX development from JK Studios

By: JK Studios  28/02/2013
Keywords: Animation, 3d animation, 3D Visualisation

We also provide artistic services to the video game industry, such as Animation, UI design and concept art. Working with tools such as UDK (Unreal Design Kit), we’re also able to leverage our VFX and animation abilities and translate these into real-time video game visual effects and animation. Using tools within UDK such as Cascade, Kismet and Matinee, we can create all manner of particles systems and setups, such as fire, smoke, sparks, embers, explosions, water, gunfire – the list is endless. For example, one of our recent projects included assisting Surface Digital and PeopleCanFly by creating and optimising real-time VFX for Gears of War: Judgment. We’re able to assist by using VPN and Perforce to create a seamless workflow with other studios.

Keywords: 3d animation, 3d Animator, 3d graphics, 3D Visualisation, 3D Visuals, Animation, computer generated imagery, visual effects

Other products and services from JK Studios

Video Editing and Compositing from JK Studios thumbnail

Video Editing and Compositing

2D Editing and compositing software allows us to bring together and edit video and graphical elements, finessing them, adding audio or voiceovers before compressing and rendering out to any format required – whether that be for broadcast, video games, the web or DVD/BluRay.

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2D Animation

Whether it be 2D animated graphics or 3D animation in a 2D cel-shaded style, we can make creative, powerful messages in moving image to convey your product or business, combining this with other 3D or live elements to make a multi-media piece.

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Visual Effects (VFX)

Using digital processes such as 3D modeling, texturing, rigging, animating, particle effects, digital sets & backgrounds (to name a few), we can create or enhance a production by bringing elements to life that simply cannot be created in ‘the real world’, or are too costly to do so.

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3D Animation

Using 3D Animation we can put together all the assets and elements modelled and created for you into a coherant and effective, realistic (or stylistic!) visual piece, allowing us control over an almost infinite level of detail of the 3D production and rendering.

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Computer Generated Imagery (CGI)

Using the latest software, we can produce photorealistic CGI to model and realise any product or service. Combine this with our skills in animation and visual effects and you have a powerful tool to communicate your product, brand or idea to your audience without any creative or visual boundaries.