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By: IVA-Debt Advice Solutions  03/08/2011
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Borrowers look for dependable debt management experts when their credit reputation touches the bottom. Debt management professionals do not waste valuable time in accusing the borrowers who, being suppressed by the pressure of multiple debts, seek necessary assistance so that they may get rid of the horrible trap presently strangling the neck. On the other hand, the management professionals try to understand the financial condition of the individual borrower and her/his repayment habits. It is those borrowers for whom IVA advice (Individual Voluntary Agreement advices) have been submitted in the following lines.  

Individual Voluntary Agreement is one of the best solutions available to the borrowers to escape from the worst possible financial crisis. The borrowers must contact an insolvency practitioner, at first, in order to secure the Individual Voluntary Agreement relief. It is possible to contact an insolvency practitioner of good reputation through the websites dedicated to assist the borrowers in distress or through phone-book. The borrowers concerned must attempt to learn how efficient the practitioner is.

The borrower will be asked by the insolvency practitioner to provide all oh her/his documents on the financial transactions. Actually, it is his duty to study the transactions made by the borrower to the best extended details. He must have details of the following:

   1. Names and address of the lenders
   2. Amounts of loans received
   3. Rates of interest for different loans and total interest charged
   4. Terms and condition of the loans received
   5. Accounts of repayment which must include less payment. Late payment, miss-repayment , proper repayment etc
   6. Name and contact address of the borrower


Now the insolvency practitioner will prepare a plan plus contract paper and contact a lender. The lender will be convinced to accept why it is profitable for him to enter into an Individual Voluntary Agreement with the borrower in question.

The lender and borrower (that is, parties to the agreement) must keep in mind that Individual Voluntary Agreement demands their voluntary consent. None of them will be allowed to violate the terms and condition mentioned in the agreement. If the borrower dishonors the agreement by way of miss-repayment, his future will be bankruptcy. The terms and condition of the Individual Voluntary Agreement are strict and rigid after the agreement paper is signed both by the lender and the borrower. The borrower will not be allowed to secure another loan within the time-limit of the agreement. She/he will have to accept that his credit report will remain tagged with the Individual Voluntary Agreement for the next five years.

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Keywords: Financial Market

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