Lake titicaca

By: INCA LAND TOURS  12/03/2011
Keywords: conservation, ecological


A visit to the cradle of the oldest Amerindian civilizations in the continent. A place of events and great historical facts, Lake Titicaca has always piqued the curiosity of both travelers and the conquistadors of old. Land of legends still alive, this mythical place evokes our childhood dreams.

To the west, Peru and its mysteries, to the east, the Real Mountain range, an impassable barrier formed by a snowy and uninterrupted chain of peaks of more than 6000 m.a.s.l. In this place, the sky is an intense blue and the light reflected on the sacred waters is blinding.

 Our fishing boat is driven by the whim of the wind to the Island of the Sun, a place on which, according to mythology, the gods placed their children, Manco Capac, the first Inca and his sister, Mama Okllo who would later found the capital of the empire in Cuzco.

 A stairway will lead us up to ruins that belong to another time, the temple of Pilkokaina. After this, we will visit the temple of the Virgins on the Island of the Moon.

In this place, beliefs and legends are intertwined and can be heard from one of the Kalahuta or Tiquira sages, under a starry sky of crystalline purity...

Keywords: conservation, ecological

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