The Men Pen concealer stick

The Men Pen concealer stick from

By:  08/10/2010
Keywords: skin care, cosmetics, makeup

The Men Pen is a cosmetic concealer stick specifically designed for men. This is the same product that male actors and models use in their everyday life and on photo shoots. The Men Pen comes in 17 colours so there's an exact match for everyone. The pocket size stick goes with you while at work or the club.

The men pen product is a product made specifically for men to help cover up blemishes. Are you a club goer who wants to dress to impress when going out, an executive man who needs to look good for business meetings, a model who is used to having perfect looking skin in pictures, or you just simply want to cover those blemishes.

Keywords: Concealer, cosmetics, foundation, grooming, make up, makeup, skin care



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