An Important Factor of Cooking Team Building for Corporate and Private Catering

An Important Factor of Cooking Team Building for Corporate and Private Catering from Hire The Chef

By: Hire The Chef  24/02/2014
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It is rightly said that eating is a necessity and cooking is an art. This art has been developing since a million years ago, when human discovered that placing the food on fire and sautéing it makes it easier to chew and even tastier. Cooking is one of the aspects that leads a human to thrive more as a social animal and so is Cooking Team Building. The easiest way of understanding the importance of cooking Team Building is the example of that nostalgic notion of our childhood when the whole family used to prepare Christmas or a New Year’s Eve dinner together. That was the time when the families shared their bliss and grew their bonds stronger. That suggests that cooking is the no.1 formula to create a sense of togetherness. The same formula can be applied to corporate and workplaces through effective cooking team building events. Survey shows that Companies who want to reduce employee turnover need to emphasise more on developing better relationships between the staff and focus on Team Building. Happy staff means successful work. Almost all mega life events involve food because it nurtures relationships. Cooking and eating together reinforces strong invisible bonds. Cooking Team Building helps to achieve so. A hands-on cooking Team Building class can fade away any friction and sculpt a smile on everyone’s face, create a long lasting bond, accelerate them into effective team players, improve communications, teach them to share ideas and much more. Cooking Team Building not only gives a joyful session but also, 1- Establishes trust between the employees 2- Eases and fades away conflicts 3- Fraternizes and increases collaboration 4- Builds communication 5- Gears up the team building process 6- Invokes spontaneous displays of joy 7- Gives moments to cherish There is no two ways about the fact that a gourmet meal and dining serves to breakdown any social as well as cultural barriers. This can quite easily be achieved with cooking Team Building workshops that can boost the corporate team’s potential. Recent studies show that cooking Team Building is much more effective and produce evident results than other team activities. The main objective of the cooking Team Building experience is to develop an atmosphere that stimulates comfortable interaction among the team members. Not just that, cooking is the best teaching experience along with fun. It teaches the team members to Plan well, communicate efficiently, tackle problems, co-operate, meet deadlines, achieve good result and most importantly helps in being a good team player. One out of many other advantages of cooking Team Building is that the team can carry this joyful experience throughout and bring it to office. It gives them something to laugh upon, talk about and

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