Schizandra Plus Vitamin, Selenium and Amino Acid Complex Tablets

Schizandra Plus  Vitamin, Selenium and Amino Acid Complex Tablets from Herbal Products

By: Herbal Products  03/06/2010
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Shizandra berries are nutrient-rich which helps increase the body's ability to distribute oxygen efficiently. This product has been developed to provide assistance in fighting harmful free radicals. It can help fight challenges arising every day from environmental factors such as pesticides and exhaust fumes.

An antioxidant is a nutrient capable of disabling potentially damaging 'free radicals' — which attack the body's cells. Free radicals are a by-product of the process of oxidation in the body and they can damage cells. The production of free radicals is increased by everyday challenges including stress, pollution and poor diet.

The Schizandra berry is nutrient-rich and the Schizandra plant helps to increase the body's ability to use oxygen. Antioxidant vitamin C and beta carotene work together to help support the immune system. Sports people may benefit from the antioxidant support of Schizandra Plus.

Schizandra Plus is sold in pots of 60 tablets. Take two tablets daily with meals as a food supplement.

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