Fibrebond Fibre and Sodium Cholate Tablets

Fibrebond  Fibre and Sodium Cholate Tablets from Herbal Products

By: Herbal Products  03/06/2010
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This unique blend of active fibres and sodium choleate helps assist your digestion by improving the process of elimination of wastes from the body. Additionally, it can help curb your desire to snack.

Experts strongly advocate an increased consumption of dietary fiber (at least 24g a day) and lower intake of fat and calories. Not only is this critical to weight loss, it is also a prerequisite of good general health. Unfortunately, typical Western diets include fast food and emphasize high-fat, low-fiber foods.

Natural foods, on the other hand, tend to be high in fiber. This is especially true of fruit, vegetables, whole grains, nuts and seeds. When fiber passes through the stomach into the digestive tract, it absorbs water and waste materials before being eliminated from your body. Proper intake of fiber speeds the process and reduces the amount of time food spends in the intestinal tract, assisting your body in optimum removal of toxins and other wastes.

Fibrebond is sold in pots of 90 tablets, and is designed to be taken three times a day with meals, with a large glass of water.

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