Writing for the Web

By: Henshall Centre  08/10/2009
Keywords: E-PR

Delegates learn how to:

· Write compelling and memorable copy that grabs the attention of your intranet readers

· Write and think like an 'in-house' journalist/editor

· Turn routine themes into energetic and lively copy

· Use effective photographs, graphics and cartoons

· Produce value-added features, including competitions, puzzles, reviews, comment and personality pages


Writing and Thinking like an In-house Reporter The differences between writing copy for print, for the web and your intranet site. How to write and shape intranet articles that get read and remembered The key components to your story. How to grab the reader's attention within five seconds. Correct copy length. When and how to include quotes. Using headlines, cross-headings, photographs, graphics and cartoons to attract readers. Finding a style, voice and tone appropriate to your organisation.

Commissioning Contributions from Colleagues How to brief colleagues contributing to your site. What to ask for. How to ask for it. Issues to be addressed and avoided. The importance of deadlines.

Controlling the Length of Contributions Reducing long, routine, contributions to a manageable length without upsetting your colleagues. Editing contributions to a length and quality that is likely to be read. Providing guidelines that deliver effective articles.

Adding Value to your Intranet Site Using different, creative content that makes readers want to come back day after day. Using competitions, puzzles, reviews, comment and personality pages to add value to your material. Creating spirited discussion forums where questions, issues, ideas and suggestions can be aired openly.

Keywords: E-PR