Writing Award Entries

By: Henshall Centre  08/10/2009
Keywords: communication skills

Delegates learn how to:

· Identify the benefits of different awards schemes

· Interpret and seek to exceed the judges' expectations

·Structure an entry for maximum impact

· Write cogent, persuasive copy that will highlight achievements

· Maximise the publicity from winning an award


Selecting Awards Which awards can provide real insight into your organisation and which ones are just designed to celebrate success? How to select the categories you are most likely to win.

Behind the Bullet Points What are the judges looking for? What makes the difference between the winner and the also-rans? The vital importance of strong evidence.

Preparation Managing your time to hit the deadline. Deciding who else needs to be involved. How to ask the powerful questions that produce the evidence you'll need.

Making your Case Structure - how to get the right information in the right places. The art of persuasive writing - how to be credible and convincing. How to write powerful but objective copy. Sticking to the word count.

Maximising the Benefits Use clever copy and imaginative photos to generate publicity from an awards success. The benefits of sponsoring awards

Keywords: communication skills