The Perfect PR Administrator

By: Henshall Centre  08/10/2009
Keywords: Pr Marketing

Delegates learn how to:

· Understand the business process.

· Manage their time better.

· Increase their business skills.

· Improve their written and verbal skills.

· Assert themselves when needed.

· Become a valued member of the PR team.


Sales and Marketing An outline of the differences between the two. Where PR fits into the corporate structure. The differences between PR and advertising.

The Role of PR A look at the techniques used by PR and the reasons behind them. The various ways in which PR is used to deliver messages and how it reaches its targets. The personal qualities needed for an effective PR person.

Business Writing, Letters & Reports Some of the common pitfalls of business writing. How to structure persuasive letters and efficient reports.

Time Management How to manage your time more effectively. Allocating priorities for your work. Specific techniques to smooth the work flow and ease the pressures on your time.

Dealing with Executives How to build an effective relationship with your executives. Anticipating some of their needs and understanding others. Making sure they are properly supported. Specific telephone techniques for handling internal and external messages.

Dealing with Clients, Colleagues and the Media Why it is important to handle clients correctly. Understand the pressures that they are working under. How to get the best from your colleagues. How to handle journalists. Understanding their agenda.

Assertiveness Understanding the difference between assertion and aggression. How to resolve conflict. How to keep issues business based instead of personal.

Keywords: Pr Marketing