The Fast Changing World of e-PR

By: Henshall Centre  08/10/2009
Keywords: E-PR

Delegates learn how to:

· Understand what is out there - blogs, podcasts, etc. - and how to harness them

· Appreciate the extent of the growth of citizen journalism and its implications for e-PR

· Monitor what is being said and who is saying it

· Evaluate internet coverage

· Take a fresh look at their corporate web presence

· Build effective e-tactics into their multimedia communication campaigns


The Changing Landscape Trends: the declining influence of mainstream media. The internet is no longer a technology tool. It's a social tool. Looking at the growth of chat rooms, blogging and interactive websites. The importance of peer group opinions amongst consumers. The growth of the "prosumer". The evolution of citizen journalism and how it is changing the way that media report. The declining influence and trust in traditional media and methods of communication. Hate sites, Anti sites and Spoof sites and their impact on corporate reputation.

Monitoring, Measuring and Motivating Monitoring the chatter. How do we track who is saying what? How do we combat what is being said about us? Who is out there? The users (and abusers). What media are there and how do they work? How do we take charge of the internet from a PR perspective. How do we evaluate our internet coverage?

Our Media Shop Window Corporate web sites - the good the bad and the ugly. Virtual press offices - how to get the media on your side.

Harnessing the New Channels What are the tools available ? · Podcasts and how to use them · RSS - when does it come into action? · Wikki - how can you use it? · SMS - what you can and cannot do

Running a Multi-media Campaign Building a strategy for the "new age". The vital steps for the campaign. E-Tactics and how to use them Budgets and timelines. Evaluating your campaign.

Keywords: E-PR