The Administrators Guide to PR

By: Henshall Centre  08/10/2009
Keywords: PR Strategy

Delegates learn how to:
· Understand how PR fits in with other
disciplines, like advertising and marketing.
· Work out how the various techniques of
PR link together to give comprehensive
corporate communications.
· Appreciate the key elements of a
professional PR plan.
· Deal confidently with representatives of
the press and media.


What is Public Relations?
Defining public relations and its role in an organisation.
Understanding the different contributions of PR and such functions as: advertising; marketing; customer relations; and public affairs.
Recognising the boundaries of PR.

The Public Relations Plan
How to develop a simple public relations plan.
Understanding the key elements of the plan.
Tips on how to implement a programme and measure results.

Introducing Press and Media Relations
Become familiar with the different categories of media.
Practical advice on how to deal confidently with your contacts in the press and media.
Guidelines on how to field enquiries from journalists without wasting their time or causing problems for your employer.

Co-ordinating Press Events
A well planned event can generate a high level of publicity.
An overview of how to plan, organise and evaluate a press event.

Keywords: PR Strategy