Speech Writing

By: Henshall Centre  08/10/2009
Keywords: press release writing


Assembling the information for a speech.  Concentrating on 

the main points of interest for the listeners. 

Deciding on the objective of the speech.  Sources of material. 

Delivering the Message 

Striking a balance between information and inspiration.  

Making sure that your message gets across. 

Audience Analysis 

How to make sure that you will be delivering exactly what 

they need to hear.  How to keep their attention right through 

to the end. 

Patterns of Speeches 

Different ways to deliver the same ideas.  Twelve specific 

ways to structure the speech.  Writing a suitable introduction.  

The use of humour when applicable. 

Spoken Style and Language 

The essential differences in style between written and spoken 

language.  Words and phrases that look good on the page can 

sometimes be difficult to deliver out loud. 

Delegates learn how to: 

• Simplify complex issues and concepts 

• Identify the main points 

• Write a text for the speech 

• Transform the text into a script for 


• Tailor speeches to specific audiences 

• Use different patterns of speeches 

Aims of the course

Delegates are shown how to write speeches, 

either for themselves or for others to deliver. 

The course gives them structures to work 

with and underlines important differences 

between written and spoken language. 

They see how to present information or 

persuade listeners to a course of action.

Keywords: press release writing