Proof Reading

By: Henshall Centre  08/10/2009
Keywords: time management

Delegates learn how to:

· Use punctuation and grammar accurately

· Spot and correct spelling mistakes - on and off the PC screen

· Improve clarity and eliminate ambiguities

· Make sure that copy is tight, accurate and complete

· Develop a consistent house style

· Use professional proofreaders' marks

· Proofread throughout the production process


Back to basics This grammar and punctuation refresher shows you how to avoid common mistakes. It helps your messages to hit home with impact and accuracy.

Does that look right to you? Find out when you can and can't rely on your PC's spellchecker. Discover the most common spelling mistakes and how to avoid them. Create your own techniques for remembering tricky words.

Too close to your own copy? Try out practical tools that show you how to take a step back and read what's there, instead of what you expect to see. Learn how to use professional proofreaders' symbols. Proofreading in pairs.

Mean what you say... ... and say what you mean. Creating your own house style and sticking to it. How to edit first drafts so that every word earns its living. How to drive out ambiguities and create crisp, memorable copy.

Following through Ever noticed how new mistakes can creep in once a word perfect document has left your desk? Find out how great briefs can help designers deliver the quality you expect.

Keywords: time management