Negotiating Skills

By: Henshall Centre  08/10/2009
Keywords: communication skills

Delegates learn how to:

· Define what they want and get it

· Deal confidently with both clients and coworkers in negotiations

· Listen to what the other party wants

· Always get the win/win

· Recognise the results of effective and non-effective communication


Preparing for Negotiation How to prepare for any negotiation thoroughly and professionally. Knowing the things you need to know before entering the negotiation process. Researching the variables.

Outcomes How to recognise the various outcomes of a negotiation and get the one you want. Understanding how these might differ from the outcomes of the other party. How to see the advantages and disadvantages of various results.

Everyone Can Win Using your negotiation skills to achieve the best outcome for all involved. Discovering the freedom of win/win and the results it can provide. Using variables to get win/win.

Rapport Getting win/win demands effective communication. How to listen to yourself and what you may be inadvertently communicating. Building the good, trusting relationship on which to base the negotiation process.

Creative Solutions Creative solutions are those which, while not obvious at first, often hold the answer to the negotiation. How to think creatively to provide the perfect answer to your needs. Looking at problems in a different way.

Keywords: communication skills