Managing PR Campaigns

By: Henshall Centre  08/10/2009
Keywords: PR Strategy

Delegates learn how to:

· Structure and write PR plans

· Relate PR objectives to the goals of their organisation

· Break a PR strategy into plans of action, each focused on achievable goals

· Manage the creative process of having good ideas

· Calculate budgets for implementing action plans

· Motivate and control their team day to day and under stress

· Evaluate the results of the campaign


Structuring a PR Plan How to design a written PR plan that both wins the support of senior management and directs the action of PR staff

. Identifying Campaign Strategy How PR contributes to corporate strategy. Using SWOT analysis to align the two.

The Nature of Corporate Communications The psychology of mass communication. The differences between corporate personality, identity and image.

Creating PR Plans of Action Dividing a campaign strategy into clear, achievable plans of action. Defining objectives. Setting timetables.

Setting Budgets Budgeting time and expense. How to work them both out. Allowing for the unexpected.

Organising & Motivating Staff Getting the most out of your team. Letting your team get the most out of their work.

Managing Creativity Proven systems for having good ideas. Getting fun into focus.

Setting Goals Matching goals to people. Setting timescales. Organising feedback.

Monitoring Systems How to design reporting systems that work. Simple cross checks to beat cheating.

Evaluating Results Recognising the difference between the work completed and the effect achieved.

Keywords: PR Strategy