How to be a Publicity Hound

By: Henshall Centre  08/10/2009
Keywords: public relations

Delegates learn how to:

· Develop a strategic approach to securing media coverage

· Think about news from the perspective of a journalist

· Identify the six types of stories that make the news every day

· Get the messages they want into the media

· Develop narratives that help sell the same story more than once

· Use tried and tested techniques to spice up the dullest story

· Increase the amount of media coverage they secure


What makes an attractive news story A fun, light and interactive session to get delegates thinking about news from a journalist's perspective. It introduces the six categories of news.

Planning for Success A more technical session providing participants with the tools to take a step by step approach to securing media coverage. It introduces a basic template covering five key areas for gaining the right kind of media coverage.

Grabbing your Audience A varied session, that explores the art of story-telling in general. It then lays particular emphasis on grabbing the audience's attention from the outset. Finally, delegates are shown how to develop narratives that will help them tell the same story over and over again.

How to Sell any Story you Want A fun and fast-moving final session to finish the day on a high. The session looks at 15 sure-fire ways of generating coverage for even the most boring product.

Keywords: public relations