How to audit Communications

By: Henshall Centre  08/10/2009
Keywords: communications

Delegates learn how to:

· Audit all types of communications, like: media relations; internal communications; stakeholder relations; and corporate reputation

· Understand the roles of qualitative and quantitative research and how the two work together

· Develop audits which suit their budget and aims

· Evaluate the data and what it tells them

· Use the data to develop communications strategies

· Use the data to support increasing PR resources


Why do you need a communications audit? Establishing communications as a management tool. The audit as part of developing communications strategy. What a communications audit can deliver.

The audit toolkit What can be audited? The different roles and types of both quantitative and qualitative research. A practical exercise shows delegates how to use the two types of research for maximum impact. What resources will you need? Auditing on a shoe string. Tips for controlling the costs.

What needs to be audited? Identifying key stakeholders and audiences. How to audit: media relations; marketing campaigns; branding; internal communications; publications; stakeholder relations; and corporate reputation.

Evaluating the results Understanding the data. Using it to make practical changes. Delegates undertake practical exercises that show how to link data with making real improvements to communications strategies and practice

. The communications strategy Establishing your baseline. Setting communications objectives and priorities. How to develop measurements for communications.

Keywords: communications