Fundamentals for PR Practitioners

By: Henshall Centre  08/10/2009
Keywords: PR Strategy

Delegates learn how to:
· Understand what an organisation is trying to achieve with its PR
· Focus PR effort on defined aims
· Understand what the press want from PR
· Write press releases that get coverage
· Work with journalists to maximise that coverage
· Handle company politics and organise their work effectively
· Commission eye-catching photography

Wherever possible, the last session of day one is given by a visiting journalist.

Day One

Why Companies Pay for PR
The role of reputation in competitive strategy.
How good PR helps a company grow.

The Principles of Marketing

The role of brand image.
The relationship between PR and marketing.
The four Ps; the product life cycle; cognitive dissonance; selective perception; and why they are important.

Understanding Corporate Communication

Why some campaigns fail and others succeed.
The difference between corporate personality, identity and image.
Why it is crucial.

Understanding PR Strategies and Tactics
The structure and critical elements of a PR plan.
The vital importance of timing.

Working with the Press and Media
Wherever possible, this session is given by a visiting journalist
What journalists want from PR.
How news is gathered.
How newspapers are organised.

Day Two
Working as Part of a Team
Liaising with colleagues and clients.
Using the "closed loop" to understand company politics and corporate complexity.

How to Write a News Release
Getting the story across fast.
Keeping your release short but comprehensive.
Structuring for maximum effect.
Using editor's notes.
How planning helps style.

Presenting a News Release
Formatting a news release professionally.
Spacing; headlines; contact details.

Maximising Coverage
Working with journalists.
Using interview calls and photo calls.
Making yourself a contact.

Handling Journalist Enquiries
How to be the company spokesperson, not a message taker who will "get back to you".

Using Photography
How to plan and commission eye-catching photography.
How to caption and file it.

Keywords: PR Strategy