Effective Press Release Writing

By: Henshall Centre  08/10/2009
Keywords: press release writing

Delegates learn how to:

· Write crisp, clear copy that will catch the eye of a journalist

· Structure a press release that can be understood with a quick scan

· Banish long winded sentences and jargon

· Tailor their release to be relevant to their own target media

· Lay out a release professionally

. Use supporting material that will help maximise coverage


Understanding Press Releases The purpose of the press release. The value of the release to the press. Understanding news values. The importance of targeting. Why releases are personalised.

Structuring an Effective Release The vital importance of the intro. The shape of a good release. The role of quotes. The importance of notes for editors. Writing to length. Adding photographs and other illustrations. How to present a press release.

Effective Writing Style Choosing vivid language. Catching the eye of the reader. Avoiding jargon. Writing news copy. Writing for the reader.

Practical Press Release Writing Delegates work on a number of releases on topics of their own choosing. These are critiqued and polished by the tutor, and the whole group, until each delegate works out their own style. This practical work takes up a substantial part of the day

Keywords: press release writing