Effective Account Director

By: Henshall Centre  08/10/2009
Keywords: public relations

Delegates learn how to:

· Understand the extra dimension that comes with being an account director

· Develop strategies that their clients will buy into

· Identify and develop opportunities for revenue growth within their portfolio of accounts

· Manage client expectations

· Gain the respect of client staff and their own team

· Get the most out of their team

· Ensure that their accounts are profitably serviced


What Makes an Effective Account Director? The added dimension of directing over managing. Stepping up to take charge. Authority without arrogance. Establishing your added status in the eyes of your clients. Taking ownership of both your client's problems and your own agency's problems.

Client Handling Skills Demonstrating your new authority. Speaking for the agency and your team. Developing effective strategies for your clients. Recognising the limits of what clients can buy into. Managing client expectations.

People Handling Skills Getting the most out of your team. Allowing team members to grow. Keeping on top of complex projects, without trying to do everything yourself. Minimising over-servicing. Recognising when you need to be firm and when you need to be flexible with your team.

Money Handling Skills The financial dimension of account directorship. Getting the most out of your budget. Monitoring budgets as though they were your own money. Ensuring that your accounts are profitable. Spotting and developing opportunities for revenue growth

Keywords: public relations