Digital Photography

By: Henshall Centre  08/10/2009
Keywords: digital photography

Delegates learn how to:

· Become familiar with camera controls

· Choose the right settings for the pictures being taken

· Set up people and props in their pictures

· Illustrate boring subjects with interesting images

· Take indoor and outdoor pictures, portraits and product shots

· Download images from the camera

· Save images in various formats

· Send images quickly to target publications

· Build up a bank of images


How Digital Photography Works

How the camera works and what the settings mean.

Taking the picture, storing it in the camera and transferring it to your computer.

Organising pictures in your computer.

Emailing them.

Products and Portraits

Setting up product shots, either stand-alone or being used by other people.

Effective portrait techniques for indoor or outdoor situations. How simple lighting techniques produce impact portraits.

Location Photography

Taking interior pictures of both large and small premises using existing lighting.

People Pictures

Handling and directing people to get the picture you need.

New appointments.

Stock pictures.

How to convey the right image for your organisation.

Creative Approaches to Pictures

How to think visually and plan what you want from a picture.

Getting consistently good pictures.

Examples Throughout the day, delegates learn from examples of good and bad pictures. Wherever possible, they take these away on CD. Feedback Each delegate's pictures are viewed and critiqued during the day.

Keywords: digital photography