Developing PR Strategy

By: Henshall Centre  08/10/2009
Keywords: PR Strategy

Delegates learn how to:

· Establish management liaison systems

· Establish dialogue with their employing organisation's stakeholders

· Monitor changing priorities for proactive PR effort

· Lay the basis for effective management of issues and crises

· Understand the key criteria required for excellence in PR practice


Understanding Excellence International research into what makes for excellence in PR strategy.

The key criteria for establishing excellence.

The role of the techniques of Campaign Based Management in establishing excellence.

Issue Analysis

Simple systems for identifying matters which are affecting your corporate reputation, or may do so in the foreseeable future. These matters may be issues, or may be previously unconsidered contingencies which must be prevented from becoming crises.

How to guide corporate debate on prioritising these matters and on allocating resources to their handling.

Becoming the Responsive Organisation

Establishing cost-effective dialogue with your organisation's stakeholders.

Creative methods of listening to what your audiences have to say to you without having to conduct very expensive research.

Establishing Management Involvement

The crucial importance of formalising the contribution of top management to public relations strategy.

How to organise this liaison to focus PR effort on the areas where it gives the best payback.

How to ensure that the PR function has the influence to change an organisation when necessary.

Keywords: PR Strategy