Design Secrets for Non-Designers

By: Henshall Centre  08/10/2009
Keywords: presentation skills

Delegates learn how to:

· Create and develop original design ideas.

· Understand key design concepts and their use.

· Utilise in-house facilities to save money and time.

· Create impact with words and images.

· Develop a house style.


Ideas - Conception to Production Getting ideas and developing them to meet your requirements.

Writing yourself a brief.

The design process.

How to produce thumbnails, roughs and layouts by hand.

When to use a computer.

Words You Want to Read

The importance of typefaces and fonts.

How to choose the right one for the right design.

The golden rules of using type.

Using typographical elements to enhance your design.

A Picture Paints a Thousand Words

How to use images effectively to create impact in a design.

Technology using images.

Which pictures to use and how to use them to the best effect.

Layout Using images and type together for maximum impact.

Producing a range of layouts that work.

Composition and the impression it gives.

Using space to its maximum advantage.

The Final Impact The print production process - how to produce your designs to a professional standard with a minimum cost. Developing a house style to reflect your organisation. The impact of colour.

Keywords: presentation skills