Crisis Management

By: Henshall Centre  08/10/2009
Keywords: PR Strategy

Delegates learn how to:

· Create scenario papers
· Establish logistic contingency plans to avoid wasted time when a crisis breaks
· Fine tune the crisis plan by mounting a system of role play rehearsal
· Identify key executives and get them coached in media handling skills
· Keep longer-term implications in focus when handling short-term problems

Identifying Potential Crises
How to spot the vulnerable areas of your organisation. The kinds of crises that can impact corporate reputation beyond the obvious physical disasters like fires, crashes or explosions.
Preparing the Ground
Techniques for focusing the minds of all those who could be involved in fighting a crisis. How to anticipate the strains that the crisis will put on the organisation's logistics. Will you need extra printing, telephone lines etc? How to identify the key executives who are likely to be involved and ensure that they have all the skills they will need. How to train them to react when the crisis breaks.
Implementing the Crisis Plan
We all hope that this session is not needed in real life. But, when a crisis breaks, it never happens in the way you anticipated. Or it wouldn't be a crisis. How to establish a framework for adapting plans at the time that a crisis occurs.
Planning for Post-Crisis Establishing working methods that will make sure that your organisation does not suffer unnecessary long-term harm as a result of actions designed to get over the immediate crisis. How to organise your PR effort to handle the inevitable

Keywords: PR Strategy