Creativity in PR

By: Henshall Centre  08/10/2009
Keywords: PR Strategy

Delegates learn how to:

· Recognise opportunities for creative problem solving

· Establish creative dialogue with their colleagues

· Use simple techniques to tap into their own creative potential

· Apply creativity to their PR plans

· Understand the very essence of creativity and how it can be used commercially


Understanding Creativity

The nature of creativity.

How to recognise the gift in each of us.

Escaping mind sets.

Ways to look beyond self-imposed assumptions.

The four stages of the creative process.

How to open up options and discover a whole new world of possibilities.

Organising Brainstorming

Simple systems for creating an atmosphere in which creativity can flourish.


Lateral thinking.

Reversal techniques.

Concept challenge.

How to trigger unexpected connections and escape straight line thinking.

Creative PR Plans

Setting clear objectives for your creative effort.

Understanding the mind sets of your target audiences. The dangers of free spinning creativity.

Setting the right tone for creative thought.

How to apply it to solving public relations problems.

Creating Opportunities

Using creative thinking to increase openings for your public relations work and to grow the business opportunities available to you.

Using creative analysis to overstep boundaries and become advisors to your management or clients.

Harnessing creative insights to commercial goals.

Keywords: PR Strategy